Although I promised last week to talk about deployment or promotion to test and production environments, I noticed the last weeks that not only Gartner and Forrester published papers around DevOps, but also GrowthPoint Technology Partners, an M&A and financial advisory firm. So I thought that you could be interested in the Gartner, Forrester and GrowthPoint insights.

If you want the full reports, I trust you are smart enough to Google these reports and find through one or other mentioned vendor the full report. And probably there will be more analyst firms and advisors writing on DevOps, but here are just a few ones. I’ll just give you the title of the papers, author and some quotes:

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Based on the comments and reactions I got it seems clear that every stakeholder (developer, quality assurance, operations...) look at the discussions mostly from their perspective. Which is human.

But be it traditional or modern mainframe development there should be an end-to-end view, taking into account the requirements of every stakeholder and taking into account the whole process:

  • What do I need from my developers as a tester to facilitate my job?
  • And how can we make sure the operators get all the information and deliverables they need?
  • And how do we assure correct and timely feedback when something goes wrong?
  • Is every process step reliable, documented, repeatable and verifiable?

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First of all, thank you for the many comments and likes on last week’s post. Sorry for being late this week, but we had to submit a large RFP before midnight Friday!

Versioning on the mainframe

In a PDS, you can have one copy of your program: when you change and save it with the same name, the old copy will be overwritten and you will have no history.

Although some editors can create a backup of the file before updating, this does not give the same functionality as a proper versioning system.

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DevOps finally is about quality and productivity. How can I develop faster and better and how can I get my applications faster and more frequent into production? Every stakeholder and every optimized process step can contribute to these objectives.

Let us start with the developers and their development environments. We just show two major development environments to develop mainframe code.

Standard Mainframe editor

On IBM z/OS, the most commonly used editor is ISPF (Interactive System Productivity Facility). ISPF provides developers features for application development and for administering the z/OS operating system. The features include:

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An integrated ALM/DevOps solution brings a bunch of advantages for the company as a whole. Within that company, every stakeholder will also experience significant time and money savings. It goes without saying that productivity gains for one stakeholder have an impact on the other stakeholders and finally on the entire company. The benefits for an organization as a whole fall down in two categories.

Benefits for an organization as a whole

Tangible (direct financial impact)

  • Improved cost and budget management ability
  • Reduced time spent to build and deploy applications in production
  • Improved time-to-market

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