Modernization and agility for Mainframe environments

Reduce risks, improve mainframe application quality and get a faster time-to-market.

Versioning, life cycle management, build, deploy and approvals for Mainframe

Is your mainframe application delivery automated, cost-effective and without risk?

The reasons why mainframe customers seek our expertise may vary, but the core objective is always the same: they want a reliable, repeatable and auditable process that works.

Our customers want predictable build and deploy results. They want to contribute to their company’s success by having cost-effective and risk-free build and deploy processes and by accelerating their company’s time to market.

These cost, risk and enhance time to market objectives are the easy part. It is getting there that might be challenging. The good news: we can help.

BlueBridge can help you to define, implement and enforce agilty-based and DevOps practices for your Mainframe environment, covering both continous integration and deployment.

Everything you need for mainframe modernization and agility

Get all the modern development benefits for your Mainframe environment. Use a modern IDE on your Windows/Linux system to develop, manage your application life cycles, and automate your Build (Compile) and Deploy process.


Hide mainframe complexity and use modern IDE features, such as: code completion, syntax checking, debugging and proper object navigation.

Version Control

Use modern VCR’s such as Subversion to manage your mainframe code base and to support parallel development.

Life Cycle

Automated workflow to drive a continuous flow of activity through the development lifecycle and efficient coordination and streamlining of development changes.

Package -and Release-based
Build (Compile)

Automatically generated JCL accompanied with the project source is sent to the Mainframe to be built. The result is stored in an archive.

Deploy (promote)

The automated Deploy starts from the build archive and deploys to the Mainframe environment defined in the application life cycle.


As an additional service, you can make your deployments pre- or post-approval based, and you can get notified by mail of any successful or failed build or deploy.

This helps you develop faster, yet cheaper and deploy more frequent

Higher quality

As developers will version their code and as parallel development is supported you will have a more sound code base. Managing the many different releases and hot fixes becomes fast, transparent and reliable.

More frequent deploys

A complete and automated process (build, deploy, approval and notification) is triggered once a developer commits his code to the version control repository. This process is reliable, repeatable and auditable so you can deploy more frequently.

Earnings and Savings

More frequent and qualitative deploys means happy business people since they'll have their desired functionality available faster. The automated process eliminates human mistakes and allows people to do more interesting work. A true win/win.

Actually, it’s more than Dev and Ops only

DevOps, Application Release Automation, Life Cycle Management, ... In its purest form it’s about connecting people, having control and visibilty over your development process, and automating application Build & Deployment. Here’s an overview.


Versioning controlKeep track of all code changes
Continuous integrationGet early feedback on committed code. Prevent errors from going into test or production
Automated build processNo loss of valuable development time by trying to build manually. Separation of duties
Approval managementImprove communication between all members of the project team
Automated deploy processGuarantee that production will receive the code as intended
Rollback processDefects can be fixed quicker
Versioning controlTraceable development status. Safe storage of all legacy data
Continuous integrationFeedback on code quality. Find weak spots. Easy fix mistakes
Automated build processUnlimited builds. Quicker results. Rapid feedback
Approval managementControl the evolution in the different stages of the life cycle. Build in audit moments
Automated deploy processSpeed up the process and help reduce errors by automating manual activities
Rollback processAlways possible to revert to the latest good release
Versioning controlOnly use accurate versions. Easily revert to a prior version in case of a failure
Continuous integrationOnly high-quality production code. Prevent costly re-runs.
Automated build processAll builds are done correctly according to upfront agreed procedures.
Approval managementDeployment to the production servers by authorized members only
Automated deploy processNo manual intervention reduces risk
Rollback processEliminate the risk of service outage
Versioning controlCost efficient development Full insight in the development status
Continuous integrationCost saving by higher efficiency. Repeatable and controllable process. Faster and shorter release cycle
Automated build processSuper cost saver
Approval managementFull traceability of development and production status. Full accountability for made decisions.
Automated deploy processIncrease the possible release cycle frequency and improve productivity.
Rollback processQuickly resolve errors in production, and consequently prevent costly production outfall

Why companies choose us

About us

BlueBridge is the mainframe-focused brand of IKAN, a leading provider of Life Cycle Management solutions since 2004.

Since 2015, BlueBridge focuses on automated LCM solutions for mainframe and legacy environments which offers external versioning possibilities, package -and release-based build, and automated deploy processes. Our innovation consists in the introduction of the Build and Deploy phases concept which allows to automate the required Build and Deploy processes for your legacy environments.

We make Life Cycle Management for mainframes affordable, and easy to install and use. With our out-of-the-box solutions you should be up and running in a few days!

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