Puppet and Dora 2017, State of DevOps Report

With our series of articles and blogs we try to help people to better understand what DevOps is all about and how to demistify it and make it understandable for all of us.

Allthough I promised last week to continue with the Gartner Toolchain, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to give you the link to a yearly DevOps report created by Puppet and Dora: Puppet and Dora: The 2017 Stae of DevOps report.

Key findings are:

  • Leadership: Transformational leaders share five common characteristics that significantly shape an organization's culture and practices, leading to high performance.
  • High performing teams: High-performing teams continue to achieve both faster throughput and better stability.
  • Automation: Automation is a huge boon to organizations
  • Loosely coupled architectures: Loosely coupled architectures and teams are the strongest predictor of continuous delivery.
  • Lean product management: Lean product management drives higher organizational performance.


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